Would you like to give a rescue animal a chance for a new life? 

If you are thinking of adding a new member to your family then please consider the below points before rehoming because the worst possible thing for a new pet is to be given back for a reason out of its control.


  • Are you ready to make approximately a 10-15 year commitment (regardless of where you will be living or if you will be starting a family)?
  • How much time do you have to spend with them? Will you still have enough time for them once the Covid-19 crisis is over?
  • Can you take them out for daily walks? 
  • Do you have enough space for them?
  • Can you afford all of the costs; food, toys, a bed, the necessary veterinary treatment that they may need; including routine vaccinations, routine worm and flea treatments etc., annual boarding costs if you are going on holidays?
  • Will they mix well with your household (both the people and pets in it)?


At South East Animal Rescue we will do our best to set you up with the right animal for you and your lifestyle.

The process starts with a prospective new owner filling out our adoption questionnaire, which you will find here. The questionnaire provides us with more of an idea about you and the kind of animal that you are seeking. Once your adoption questionnaire has been submitted, a member of our re-homing team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss and arrange a home-check.


A home-check involves one of our volunteers meeting you at your house to have a chat with you about your daily routine, and your plans for your new pet. They will also need to meet the other people (and pets!) that live with you. They may ask to see where your new pet will sleep. If you are adopting a dog or puppy, they will also need to look at your garden, to ensure that it`s fully and safely enclosed (no dog pens).


One of the re-homing team will be in contact with you as soon as possible following the home-check to advise if it has been successful and to answer any questions that you may have. 

If successful the re-homing team member will discuss with you the most suitable animals for you that are currently available for adoption and will arrange with you to meet them.

Please also check out our Facebook page to see some of the animals that are currently available for adoption.


A set donation of €100 for a puppy and €150 for a spayed/neutered adult dog applies to anyone adopting one of our dogs. 

A set donation of €50 for a kitten and €80 for a spayed/neutered adult cat applies to anyone adopting one of our cats.

This donation covers the cost of all vaccinations and worm and flea treatment for each of our animals; it also covers the cost of spaying/neutering our adult animals and micro-chipping our puppies and dogs.

We ask only for this nominal donation to cover our basic costs so that we can continue to save lives when emergencies happen. Your donation is not the price of your rescue dog; it is to help us to continue to help them.

You will be asked to sign an adoption agreement (please click PDF or Word icons below for a copy) before taking ownership of your new animal. This records your contact details and outlines your responsibilities to your new animal.

Adoption Agreement

Adoption Agreement

Adoption Agreement

Finally, in most cases we will phone you after you have adopted from us, to make sure your new pet is settling in well and to help you with extra advice if you need it. One or our staff or volunteers may also call to see you at home. We urge all adopters to stay in touch with us. We love getting updates, and we are here to support you and to help you with anything that you are unsure of.