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animal rescue dog wexfordA set  donation applies to anyone adopting one of our animals. This is normally €85 for a puppy, and €120 for a spayed/neutered adult dog, but thanks to our vets, Animal Health Centre, Enniscorthy, we have been able to offer a temporary discounted puppy donation of €65.
This donation covers the cost of all vaccinations, worm and flea treatment for each of our animals, also the spaying and neutering of our adult animals.
We ask only a nominal donation to cover our basic costs so that we can continue to save lives when emergencies happen. Your donation is not the price of your rescue dog, it is to help us to continue to help them.
Would you like to give a rescue animal a chance for a new life? If you are thinking of  adding a new member to your family then please consider the following points before rehoming:

  • How much time you have to spend with them
  • Can you take them out for walks? do you have enough space for them?
  • Can you afford all the necessary vetinarary treatment they may need, routine vaccinations etc? plus food,treats a bed etc?
  • Will they mix with your household?

The worst possible thing for a new pet is being given back for a reason out of its control.
Please also note that some rescue dogs and cats can have the following problems due to their circumstances before rescue - not house trained, barking and crying if on their own, nervous, shy, destructive. - this is not for all cases but just like humans some animals can have problems from the same causes.
After you have picked the animal you would like to re home then please contact us and we will -

  • Arrange for you to come and see him or her.
  • Go out to your house for a chat with you.
  • Arrange for you to collect your new addidtion!
  • Fill in and sign the adoption form and pay donation fee.
  • Arrange a follow up call and visit to make sure all is well

We like to stay in contact with all our families who adopt and the animals so please keep in contact through Facebook/emails/phonecalls - and if you ever have any questions relating to your animal please contact us straight away and we will do our best to help.
If the above sounds good to you then please go to our gallery and check out all the animals that are looking for a forever home. We would just like to say thank you in advance for a giving a rescue animal the chance for a new life. And we wish you well with your new family member.


Sharon Gray


"We got our dog from South East Animal Rescue after finding them on Facebook. The dog is great with children and has made our home a much happier place. The guys at South East Animal Rescue do a lot of great work that goes unnoticed, please support them guys"

Jean Checkley

Rescue Coordinator

"We depend on your donations to stay afloat. Feeding our animals, taking them to the vets and taking care of them takes a lot of time, money and effort. Please support us an donate as much as you can whether large or small, every cent counts in the maintenance and welfare of our animals"

Make a Donation

Please consider supporting our efforts and make a small donation via credit card, visa debit card or PayPal


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