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animal rescue dog wexfordWhy not organise a fun day out, an activity or social event and donate some of the proceeds to such a good cause. It's a chance for you to show your leadership/organisation skills, it will give you a feel good factor and it can be a super-fun thing to do and maybe even based on an event or activity you enjoy. You can organise a mini soccer tournament, a scenic walk, a sports day or even a simple local concert/talent showcase.

We are always in need of additional donations, whether its by financial donations or donations in kind such as dog-food, toys or sheltering there is always a way to help. And if you are thinking of starting a local event or a fun activity why not get in touch with us and see if we can work with you to put a good cause on your event, which in turn would help support the activity in question.


Sharon Gray


"We got our dog from South East Animal Rescue after finding them on Facebook. The dog is great with children and has made our home a much happier place. The guys at South East Animal Rescue do a lot of great work that goes unnoticed, please support them guys"

Jean Checkley

Rescue Coordinator

"We depend on your donations to stay afloat. Feeding our animals, taking them to the vets and taking care of them takes a lot of time, money and effort. Please support us an donate as much as you can whether large or small, every cent counts in the maintenance and welfare of our animals"

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Please consider supporting our efforts and make a small donation via credit card, visa debit card or PayPal


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