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Do you have a place in your home for one of our rescue animals?

As we have no shelter or centre we depend on a network of foster families to look after animals that come into our care.
The animals are assessed by the team to which families they would suit ie, if they can be around children, if they get on with other dogs or cats etc. 
Foster families look after the animals untill they are placed into their new forever homes. There is no cost in fostering. This is very rewarding below are testomonials from some of our foster families at present.

"I have been fostering dogs for southeast animal rescue since febuary 2012 and my experience with them has been absolutely wonderful.They are so professional in caring for each and every one of the animals.it is extremely rewarding to know that i have taken part in saving lost and abandoned animals that would have otherwise met a very sad ending in life.Seeing them go to their forever homes is  the most gratifying aspect of all"

Jason and Mary: 

"We are new to fostering, but in a short space of time we have fostered many beautiful dogs, two of which we ended up adopting ourselves.
Even though all these dogs have been successfully rehomed we had a wonderful experience looking after them, watching them grow, building their trust and showing them a new and loveable life.
Fostering is a most rewarding and fulfilling achievement for anyone to experience but it is more rewarding to see all these brilliant dogs go to their new families.
Why not try it yourself and make a difference to an animal’s life…… "


"Being a foster family to me is about seeing two sick frightened little puppies turn into two bouncing bundles of fun ready for their new homes. It is about undoing some of the damage done by humans, and it is about teaching my children to have respect for other creatures. It is a hugely fulfilling thing to do and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far! Become a foster family, you will get back much more than you ever put in"


"We have had many foster babies come into our lives we find it very rewarding and love seeing the animals come out of themselves whilst in our care. Sometimes it can be hard to let them go but its all worth it when you see them go onto live great lives with new families. The team of South East Animal Rescue are very supportive and help in every wya they can and if we have a problem they get it sorted quickly day or night. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has an interest in animals to take this up"

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Sharon Gray


"We got our dog from South East Animal Rescue after finding them on Facebook. The dog is great with children and has made our home a much happier place. The guys at South East Animal Rescue do a lot of great work that goes unnoticed, please support them guys"

Jean Checkley

Rescue Coordinator

"We depend on your donations to stay afloat. Feeding our animals, taking them to the vets and taking care of them takes a lot of time, money and effort. Please support us an donate as much as you can whether large or small, every cent counts in the maintenance and welfare of our animals"

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